National Hunt Racing Form - Kelso - Last 10 Years
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)TrainerSP OddsFinishing Position
16 Sep 20205:10 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 5fROCK ON FRUITY14K (2)BEN HASLAM40-17/11
16 Sep 20204:40 Kelso Novice Handicap Chase2m 1fFIRE AWAY6K (5)DARAGH BOURKE50-1P/11
29 Feb 20202:45 Kelso Novice Hurdle2m 2fUBETYA49K (1)KELLY MORGAN50-14/7
29 Feb 20202:12 Kelso Novice Handicap Chase2m 1fPROTEK DES FLOS12K (3)BEN HASLAM15-21/8
27 Jan 20203:15 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 5fRIVER FROST19K (2)BEN HASLAM16-14/6
8 Dec 20192:45 Kelso Novice Hurdle2m 5fPICKING PEACHES7K (4)R MIKE SMITH66-1P/9
8 Dec 20192:15 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 6fCLAUD AND GOLDIE39K (2)SANDY FORSTER7-21/7
8 Dec 20191:15 Kelso Handicap Chase4mTERRY THE FISH58K (3)JONJO O'NEILL12-16/14
8 Dec 201912:15 Kelso Maiden Hurdle2mELU SECRET7K (4)R MIKE SMITH50-1P/11
9 Nov 20192:30 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fLAS TUNAS8K (4)R MIKE SMITH12-15/8
9 Nov 20191:55 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 6fDIEG MAN28K (3)NEIL MULHOLLAND8-1F/10
18 Sep 20196:15 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 5fSQUOUATEUR17K (2)BEN HASLAM22-14/4
18 Sep 20194:45 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 6fEVER SO MUCH7K (4)BEN HASLAM12-110/12
18 Sep 20193:40 Kelso Novice Chase2m 1fAN FEAR CIUIN7K (4)R MIKE SMITH40-12/6
10 Sep 20196:10 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fGO GUARANTOR8K (4)R MIKE SMITH20-12/6
26 May 20193:05 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2mMANAMITE14K (3)BEN HASLAM9-12/6
8 May 20194:25 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fDEMI SANG11K (3)BEN HASLAM9-13/4
8 May 20193:20 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 7fMELODY OF SCOTLAND7K (4)BEN HASLAM12-110/12
23 Mar 20193:00 Kelso Handicap Chase3m 2fCLAUD AND GOLDIE49K (2)SANDY FORSTER7-13/8
2 Mar 20193:55 Kelso Novice Handicap Chase2m 7fCLAUD AND GOLDIE11K (3)SANDY FORSTER6-11/4
9 Dec 20181:05 Kelso Handicap Chase4mEASY STREET49K (3)JONJO O'NEILL28-111/16
9 Dec 201812:30 Kelso Novice Chase2m 7fCLAUD AND GOLDIE13K (3)SANDY FORSTER8-13/8
19 Sep 20184:45 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 6fEVER SO MUCH8K (4)BEN HASLAM8-15/7
16 Apr 20184:10 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fLAS TUNAS7K (4)R MIKE SMITH11-45/6
25 Jan 20181:45 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fLAS TUNAS7K (4)R MIKE SMITH14-14/5
10 May 20172:45 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fFULL SHIFT10K (3)BEN HASLAM11-14/6
10 Apr 20173:10 Kelso Handicap Chase3m 2fNAKADAM11K (3)R MIKE SMITH4-12/9
10 Apr 20172:10 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 7fTHE DOORMAN5K (4)BEN HASLAM9-28/10
25 Mar 20174:25 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fLAS TUNAS8K (4)R MIKE SMITH8-1P/5
25 Mar 20173:50 Kelso Novice Handicap Chase2m 6fHAWKHURST7K (4)BEN HASLAM9-2F/5
25 Mar 20172:05 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2mCUP FINAL22K (2)BEN HASLAM18-14/5
16 Feb 20171:55 Kelso Novice Handicap Chase2m 6fHAWKHURST9K (3)BEN HASLAM18-14/4
22 Oct 20164:15 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2mLEVELLING5K (4)MARJORIE FIFE25-15/10
11 Apr 20163:40 Kelso Handicap Chase3m 2fNAKADAM11K (3)R MIKE SMITH9-41/7
16 Sep 20157:10 Kelso NH Flat2mTHROCKLEY2K (6)JOHN DAVIES8-16/8
16 Sep 20156:10 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fJACK THE GENT11K (3)GEORGE MOORE10-14/8