National Hunt Racing Form - Kelso - Last 10 Years
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)TrainerSP OddsFinishing Position
29 Dec 20193:10 Kelso Amateur Handicap Chase3m 2fCALIVIGNY7K (4)N W ALEXANDER11-85/6
9 Nov 20192:30 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fTED VEALE8K (4)N W ALEXANDER11-27/8
26 Oct 20194:40 Kelso Handicap Hurdle3m 2fCALIVIGNY7K (4)N W ALEXANDER22-13/10
26 May 20194:40 Kelso Hunter Chase3m 2fALWAYS TIPSY11K (3)N W ALEXANDER12-15/11
26 May 20193:05 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2mTED VEALE14K (3)N W ALEXANDER20-16/6
23 Mar 20192:25 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2mTED VEALE39K (2)N W ALEXANDER33-13/12
22 Jan 20193:25 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 5fTED VEALE19K (2)N W ALEXANDER20-13/5
22 Jan 201912:55 Kelso Amateur Handicap Hurdle2m 2fDANCE OF FIRE7K (4)N W ALEXANDER6-17/7
29 Dec 20183:10 Kelso Amateur Handicap Hurdle2m 7fLANDECKER7K (4)N W ALEXANDER8-12/8
27 May 20185:00 Kelso Hunter Chase3m 2fFOR YES6K (4)MRS L A COLTHERD12-17/9
16 Apr 20184:40 Kelso Maiden Chase3m 2fFOR YES6K (4)MRS L A COLTHERD10-13/7
7 Apr 20184:45 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 5fANOTHER MATTIE7K (4)N W ALEXANDER15-23/10
15 Feb 20184:05 Kelso Hunter Chase2m 7fKILLER CROW3K (5)N W ALEXANDER33-13/5
15 Feb 20183:35 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 7fANOTHER MATTIE11K (3)N W ALEXANDER25-14/9
25 Jan 201812:45 Kelso Amateur Handicap Hurdle2m 2fUN GUET APENS6K (4)JAMES EWART13-82/5
14 Jan 20183:45 Kelso Hunter Chase2m 7fTHOMOND3K (5)N W ALEXANDER14-14/5
14 Jan 20182:15 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 6fTOP CAT HENRY24K (2)N W ALEXANDER40-15/7
11 Nov 20173:45 Kelso NH Flat2mPEAK OF BEAUTY3K (5)N W ALEXANDER33-113/14
11 Nov 20171:25 Kelso Handicap Hurdle3m 2fLANDECKER8K (3)N W ALEXANDER5-22/8
10 Apr 20174:40 Kelso Maiden Chase3m 2fSOUNDS OF ITALY6K (4)VICTOR THOMPSON18-1P/10
10 Apr 20172:10 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 7fLANDECKER5K (4)N W ALEXANDER11-23/10
16 Feb 20174:05 Kelso Hunter Chase2m 7fWICKLOW LAD3K (5)N W ALEXANDER20-13/7
16 Feb 20173:35 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 7fLANDECKER9K (3)N W ALEXANDER7-22/7
29 Dec 20163:20 Kelso Amateur Handicap Hurdle2m 7fZARU5K (4)JAMES EWART14-1P/10
5 Nov 20163:30 Kelso Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 2fANGE DES MALBERAUX3K (5)JAMES EWART5-16/10
5 Nov 20161:45 Kelso Handicap Hurdle3m 2fLANDECKER8K (3)N W ALEXANDER4-11/6
29 May 20165:10 Kelso NH Flat2mDOLLY'S DOT3K (5)VICTOR THOMPSON10-17/8
29 May 20164:05 Kelso Hunter Chase3m 2fFULL JACK6K (4)PAULINE ROBSON11-45/12
4 May 20165:05 Kelso Hunter Chase2m 6fMR SHAHADY3K (5)VICTOR THOMPSON66-1P/10
11 Apr 20164:10 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 7fLANDECKER5K (4)N W ALEXANDER9-23/14
11 Apr 20163:10 Kelso Maiden Chase3m 2fS FOR ESTUARY6K (4)VICTOR THOMPSON28-1F/11
2 Apr 20165:10 Kelso Hunter Chase3m 2fISLA PEARL FISHER3K (5)N W ALEXANDER10-15/7
2 Apr 20164:35 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 5fMARLEE MASSIE5K (4)N W ALEXANDER4-13/12
13 Mar 20164:40 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 7fMARLEE MASSIE4K (4)N W ALEXANDER6-11/9
18 Feb 20164:15 Kelso Hunter Chase2m 7fWICKLOW LAD3K (5)N W ALEXANDER5-12/8
24 May 20154:55 Kelso Hunter Chase3m 2fCHANCEOFA LIFETIME6K (4)VICTOR THOMPSON14-1F/8
6 May 20154:30 Kelso Hunter Chase2m 5fAFTERCLASS3K (5)N W ALEXANDER13-2P/7
13 Apr 20154:30 Kelso Handicap Chase3m 2fISLA PEARL FISHER11K (3)N W ALEXANDER12-1P/9
28 Feb 20155:20 Kelso Hunter Chase3m 2fTOMMYSTEEL2K (6)VICTOR THOMPSON7-14/6
28 Feb 20153:35 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 5fMONOGRAM5K (4)VICTOR THOMPSON10-14/12
12 Feb 20154:30 Kelso Hunter Chase2m 7fMONOGRAM2K (6)VICTOR THOMPSON9-13/9
18 Oct 20144:35 Kelso Novice Hurdle2m 6fISLA PEARL FISHER5K (4)N W ALEXANDER10-16/11
18 Oct 20141:40 Kelso Maiden Hurdle2mANOTHER MATTIE4K (4)N W ALEXANDER7-42/10
7 May 20145:10 Kelso NH Flat2mALWAYS TIPSY3K (5)N W ALEXANDER20-16/12
7 May 20143:25 Kelso Handicap Chase3m 2fPRESENT POTENTIAL9K (4)N W ALEXANDER11-4P/7
7 May 20142:25 Kelso Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 6fMILANO MAGIC6K (4)N W ALEXANDER4-17/13
22 Apr 20145:00 Kelso Hunter Chase3m 2fPRESENT POTENTIAL3K (5)N W ALEXANDER11-42/6
7 Apr 20144:00 Kelso Maiden Chase3m 2fPRESENT POTENTIAL4K (5)N W ALEXANDER9-21/10
1 Mar 20145:25 Kelso Hunter Chase2m 7fDOUGLAS JULIAN1K (6)MISS K SCOTT15-2P/15
13 Feb 20142:55 Kelso Amateur Handicap Chase2m 7fOR DE GRUGY10K (3)N W ALEXANDER8-12/8
29 Dec 20131:35 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fLITTLE GLENSHEE8K (4)N W ALEXANDER11-4F/7
29 Dec 201312:00 Kelso Maiden Hurdle2m 6fALLFORTHELOVE3K (5)N W ALEXANDER50-16/10
8 Dec 20132:25 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 7fROSSINI'S DANCER18K (2)N W ALEXANDER16-16/8