National Hunt Racing Form - 2015
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)TrainerSP OddsFinishing Position
29 Dec 20153:30 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 2fHUNTERS BELT6K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY15-24/12
28 Dec 20152:10 Catterick Handicap Chase3m 1fWHATS UP WOODY10K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY8-16/13
6 Dec 20152:45 Kelso Novice Hurdle2m 5fINNIS SHANNON4K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY2-14/8
6 Dec 20151:40 Kelso Handicap Chase4mCHICAGO OUTFIT29K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY16-1P/8
6 Dec 20151:05 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2mHUNTERS BELT4K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY3-13/9
27 Nov 20153:25 Musselburgh NH Flat2mGRAYS CHOICE2K (6)GEORGE BEWLEY18-14/12
25 Nov 20153:30 Wetherby NH Flat2mSYBIL GREY3K (6)GEORGE BEWLEY80-18/10
25 Nov 20153:00 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle2m 4fDIAMOND D'AMOUR4K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY9-12/11
14 Nov 20153:25 Uttoxeter Handicap Hurdle2mHUNTERS BELT4K (5)GEORGE BEWLEY14-12/13
14 Nov 20152:50 Uttoxeter Handicap Chase2m 6fWHATS UP WOODY8K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY3-1P/5
13 Nov 20151:50 Hexham Maiden Hurdle2m 4fINNIS SHANNON5K (5)GEORGE BEWLEY5-11/5
1 Nov 20152:35 Carlisle Handicap Chase3m 2fCHICAGO OUTFIT19K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY33-110/10
1 Nov 20151:00 Carlisle Novice Hurdle2m 4fINNIS SHANNON4K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY66-15/10
24 Oct 20153:05 Kelso Handicap Chase3m 2fCHICAGO OUTFIT16K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY14-15/7
12 Oct 20152:40 Sedgefield Handicap Hurdle2m 4fHUNTERS BELT5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY11-114/14
10 Oct 20154:10 Hexham Handicap Hurdle2m 7fCHICAGO OUTFIT9K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY10-111/13
10 Oct 20153:00 Hexham Novice Hurdle2mINNIS SHANNON5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY28-110/13
10 Oct 20151:50 Hexham Maiden Hurdle2m 4fPICKLE AND TICKLE3K (5)GEORGE BEWLEY200-1P/12
23 Sep 20152:20 Perth Novice Hurdle2m 4fINNIS SHANNON4K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY9-15/7
18 Sep 20156:35 Hexham Handicap Hurdle2mHUNTERS BELT6K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY14-14/10
18 Sep 20156:05 Hexham Handicap Chase3mCHICAGO OUTFIT8K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY8-11/8
16 Sep 20157:10 Kelso NH Flat2mPICKLE AND TICKLE2K (6)GEORGE BEWLEY50-18/8
7 Sep 20152:10 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fMISTER D4K (5)GEORGE BEWLEY8-14/8
22 Aug 20154:25 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fMISTER D9K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY13-28/10
20 Jul 20153:20 Cartmel Handicap Hurdle3m 1fREV UP RUBY4K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY13-21/9
18 Jul 20153:50 Cartmel Handicap Chase3m 1fCHICAGO OUTFIT10K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY4-17/7
18 Jul 20153:15 Cartmel Handicap Chase2m 5fMISTER D5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY11-12/9
12 Jul 20152:30 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mREV UP RUBY7K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY12-13/8
2 Jul 20153:00 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2mQUEST MAGIC4K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY11-2F/8
1 Jul 20154:40 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fMISTER D5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY7-24/7
1 Jul 20152:40 Perth Handicap Chase3mREV UP RUBY5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY9-2F/7
21 Jun 20154:30 Hexham Handicap Hurdle2m 4fHUNTERS BELT8K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY12-15/8
21 Jun 20153:30 Hexham Handicap Chase3mCHICAGO OUTFIT11K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY7-21/8
7 Jun 20153:20 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2mQUEST MAGIC4K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY9-23/9
6 Jun 20154:45 Hexham Handicap Hurdle2mHUNTERS BELT10K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY20-18/11
6 Jun 20153:50 Hexham Handicap Chase3mCHICAGO OUTFIT4K (5)GEORGE BEWLEY11-41/9
28 May 20157:55 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle2mHUNTERS BELT5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY25-16/10
27 May 20155:00 Cartmel Handicap Hurdle2m 1fQUEST MAGIC4K (5)GEORGE BEWLEY9-12/13
26 May 20158:40 Hexham Handicap Chase3m 1fCHICAGO OUTFIT3K (5)GEORGE BEWLEY4-11/10
26 May 20157:10 Hexham Novice Handicap Chase3m 1fREV UP RUBY5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY4-14/6
6 May 20152:50 Kelso Selling Handicap Chase2m 7fCHICAGO OUTFIT4K (5)GEORGE BEWLEY5-13/11
2 May 20158:30 Hexham Handicap Hurdle2mHUNTERS BELT8K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY14-16/8
2 May 20156:30 Hexham Handicap Chase2m 4fCUMBRIAN FARMER3K (5)GEORGE BEWLEY33-1P/12
2 May 20155:25 Hexham Novice Chase2m 4fREV UP RUBY5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY8-14/7
30 Apr 20153:45 Sedgefield Handicap Hurdle2m 5fQUEST MAGIC3K (5)GEORGE BEWLEY11-2F/13
24 Apr 20154:20 Perth Handicap Chase3m 7fWHATS UP WOODY19K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY14-13/11
22 Apr 20155:40 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mHUNTERS BELT8K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY18-16/9
22 Apr 20152:20 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fQUEST MAGIC5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY66-16/16
20 Apr 20153:40 Hexham Handicap Chase3m 1fCHICAGO OUTFIT3K (5)GEORGE BEWLEY28-15/18
17 Apr 20154:45 Ayr Handicap Hurdle3mREV UP RUBY11K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY22-18/12
14 Apr 20155:20 Carlisle Novice Handicap Chase2m 5fCUMBRIAN FARMER5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY25-1P/10
13 Apr 20153:00 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 6fHUNTERS BELT5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY12-18/11
11 Apr 20155:40 Aintree NH Flat2m 1fINNIS SHANNON29K (1)GEORGE BEWLEY100-117/19
4 Apr 20152:55 Carlisle Handicap Hurdle2m 1fDIAMOND D'AMOUR5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY9-13/8
27 Mar 20153:20 Wetherby Handicap Chase2m 6fROMANY RYME7K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY17-28/9
21 Mar 20154:35 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 4fHUNTERS BELT4K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY20-11/14
21 Mar 20151:45 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2mDIAMOND D'AMOUR4K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY22-18/11
18 Mar 20153:15 Haydock Handicap Hurdle2m 4fOUR JOEY10K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY20-1P/7
18 Mar 20152:45 Haydock Handicap Chase3mWHATS UP WOODY7K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY5-14/8
15 Mar 20154:40 Carlisle Handicap Hurdle2m 1fDIAMOND D'AMOUR6K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY14-16/8
28 Feb 20153:35 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 5fROMANY RYME5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY14-13/12
23 Feb 20154:20 Ayr Handicap Hurdle2mHUNTERS BELT9K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY9-13/5
23 Feb 20153:20 Ayr Handicap Chase3m 3fWHATS UP WOODY6K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY7-24/7
16 Feb 20155:00 Carlisle Handicap Hurdle2m 1fDIAMOND D'AMOUR5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY25-1P/14
16 Feb 20153:25 Carlisle Handicap Chase2m 4fROMANY RYME7K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY6-1P/10
12 Feb 20152:30 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 7fWHATS UP WOODY9K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY4-13/8
8 Jan 20152:40 Catterick Handicap Chase3m 6fWHATS UP WOODY19K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY12-13/12
5 Jan 20152:30 Musselburgh Handicap Hurdle3mQUEST MAGIC4K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY12-15/6
3 Jan 20152:15 Newcastle Handicap Hurdle2mHUNTERS BELT5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY11-1F/11
3 Jan 20151:40 Newcastle Handicap Chase3mROMANY RYME9K (3)GEORGE BEWLEY5-15/8
3 Jan 201512:30 Newcastle Novice Chase2mDIAMOND D'AMOUR5K (4)GEORGE BEWLEY50-1F/7