National Hunt Racing Form - 2015
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)TrainerSP OddsFinishing Position
30 Dec 201512:50 Haydock Novice Handicap Chase2m 3fTHROTHETHATCH9K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL10-31/7
29 Dec 20153:30 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 2fALIZEE DE JANEIRO6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-22/12
29 Dec 20153:00 Kelso Novice Handicap Chase2m 6fKILBREE CHIEF10K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-12/7
29 Dec 20152:25 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 7fFORTY CROWN5K (4)JOHN WADE20-18/9
29 Dec 20151:50 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fCASTLELAWN9K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL6-1P/9
28 Dec 20151:35 Catterick Maiden Hurdle2mTEMPLE TIGER5K (4)JAMES TURNER100-19/12
28 Dec 201511:55 Catterick Maiden Hurdle2mZAKETY ZAK5K (4)JAMES TURNER250-16/13
19 Dec 20152:30 Newcastle Novice Handicap Chase2mISLAND CONFUSION6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL2-12/6
19 Dec 20151:55 Newcastle Handicap Hurdle2mNEAR TO TEARS4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL5-24/4
19 Dec 20151:20 Newcastle Handicap Chase2m 4fNO DEAL11K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL5-1F/7
15 Dec 20153:20 Catterick NH Flat2mPOTTINGER2K (6)LUCINDA RUSSELL16-18/8
12 Dec 20151:30 Doncaster Handicap Chase3mREAPING THE REWARD19K (2)LUCINDA RUSSELL20-12/10
12 Dec 201512:20 Doncaster Handicap Chase2m 3fSTRONGPOINT9K (3)S R B CRAWFORD14-1F/10
11 Dec 201512:45 Doncaster Maiden Hurdle2m 1fZAKETY ZAK4K (5)JAMES TURNER200-112/17
11 Dec 201512:10 Doncaster Maiden Hurdle2m 1fTEMPLE TIGER4K (5)JAMES TURNER100-113/17
10 Dec 20152:20 Newcastle Handicap Hurdle2mVODKA RED3K (5)KENNY JOHNSON33-12/11
10 Dec 20151:50 Newcastle Novice Chase2mUNDER THE RED SKY5K (4)KENNY JOHNSON100-15/6
7 Dec 20151:15 Musselburgh Handicap Chase2m 4fQUITO DU TRESOR7K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-24/8
6 Dec 20152:45 Kelso Novice Hurdle2m 5fMISS TIGGY4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL12-12/8
6 Dec 20151:05 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2mALIZEE DE JANEIRO4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-21/9
6 Dec 201512:30 Kelso Novice Chase2m 7fONE FOR ARTHUR15K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL8-13/6
6 Dec 201512:00 Kelso Novice Hurdle2mRED STORY4K (4)ALISTAIR WHILLANS16-14/8
5 Dec 201512:25 Wetherby Novice Handicap Chase2m 3fMYSTEREE8K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL11-81/2
2 Dec 20151:50 Catterick Novice Chase2m 3fUNDER THE RED SKY6K (4)KENNY JOHNSON250-18/10
28 Nov 20153:15 Newcastle Maiden Hurdle2mVALNAMIXE DU MEE5K (5)KENNY JOHNSON100-113/14
28 Nov 20152:40 Newcastle Handicap Chase2m 7fMAN WITH VAN59K (1)S R B CRAWFORD33-1P/12
28 Nov 201512:30 Newcastle Handicap Chase2mMUMGOS DEBUT5K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL5-22/8
28 Nov 201512:00 Newcastle Novice Handicap Chase2m 7fU NAME IT11K (3)R MIKE SMITH25-1P/9
27 Nov 20153:25 Musselburgh NH Flat2mSAMMY B2K (6)LUCINDA RUSSELL16-15/12
27 Nov 20152:55 Musselburgh Handicap Chase2mCASTLELAWN9K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-13/12
27 Nov 20151:45 Musselburgh Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fTHROTHETHATCH7K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL11-85/7
27 Nov 20151:10 Musselburgh Maiden Hurdle2mNEAR TO TEARS4K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL17-23/10
24 Nov 20151:50 Sedgefield Handicap Hurdle2m 1fVODKA RED4K (5)KENNY JOHNSON33-18/10
21 Nov 20152:25 Haydock Handicap Hurdle2m 7fBOLD SIR BRIAN78K (1)LUCINDA RUSSELL40-19/16
21 Nov 201512:40 Haydock Handicap Chase3m 4fNO DEAL24K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-2P/8
20 Nov 20153:05 Haydock Novice Hurdle2m 3fMOORSTOWN9K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL28-16/8
19 Nov 20152:05 Market Rasen Handicap Hurdle2m 5fSKY KHAN24K (2)LUCINDA RUSSELL10-11/10
17 Nov 20152:35 Southwell Handicap Hurdle2m 4fVODKA RED5K (4)KENNY JOHNSON80-1P/11
14 Nov 20151:15 Cheltenham Novice Chase3mONE FOR ARTHUR22K (2)LUCINDA RUSSELL11-13/6
11 Nov 20152:50 Ayr Handicap Chase3mALPHA VICTOR11K (3)WILLIAM KINSEY8-1P/6
11 Nov 20152:20 Ayr Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fMUMGOS DEBUT6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-12/6
11 Nov 20151:20 Ayr Maiden Hurdle2m 4fDUNCOMPLAINING4K (5)WILLIAM KINSEY11-43/12
9 Nov 20151:45 Carlisle Novice Chase2m 4fU NAME IT9K (3)R MIKE SMITH28-1P/6
7 Nov 20153:25 Kelso Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 2fALIZEE DE JANEIRO3K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL15-82/7
7 Nov 20151:05 Kelso Novice Handicap Chase2m 1fTHROTHETHATCH5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-41/8
6 Nov 20153:30 Musselburgh Handicap Chase2m 4fQUITO DU TRESOR17K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL5-12/8
6 Nov 20151:30 Musselburgh Maiden Hurdle2mNEAR TO TEARS4K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL33-14/7
6 Nov 20151:00 Musselburgh Hurdle2mTHE COMPELLER4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL2-13/9
5 Nov 20153:40 Musselburgh Handicap Chase3mSIMARTHUR5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-17/7
5 Nov 20151:30 Musselburgh Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fTHE COBBLER SWAYNE9K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL15-81/8
5 Nov 20151:00 Musselburgh Handicap Hurdle2mTISH HALL4K (4)S R B CRAWFORD28-15/11
31 Oct 20154:00 Ayr Handicap Hurdle2mJET MASTER19K (2)N W ALEXANDER12-15/11
31 Oct 20153:30 Ayr Handicap Chase2mIMJOEKING13K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL13-23/7
31 Oct 20152:55 Ayr Handicap Chase2m 4fISLA PEARL FISHER13K (3)N W ALEXANDER10-14/7
31 Oct 20151:15 Ayr Maiden Hurdle2mBERTALUS3K (5)N W ALEXANDER12-15/15
30 Oct 20153:50 Down Royal Handicap Chase2mSTRONGPOINT11KS R B CRAWFORD8-17/12
29 Oct 20151:00 Sedgefield Handicap Hurdle2m 4fVODKA RED5K (4)KENNY JOHNSON20-1P/10
26 Oct 20153:55 Ayr Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fDR MOLONEY11K (3)S R B CRAWFORD10-16/8
26 Oct 20153:20 Ayr Handicap Chase2mCASTLELAWN6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL10-33/7
25 Oct 20152:30 Aintree Handicap Chase3m 1fLIE FORRIT29K (2)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-2P/8
24 Oct 20153:40 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2mALIZEE DE JANEIRO5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL8-11/11
24 Oct 20152:30 Kelso Novice Chase2m 7fONE FOR ARTHUR6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-11/8
24 Oct 20151:55 Kelso Maiden Hurdle2mBIG RIVER4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL13-81/12
22 Oct 20154:55 Carlisle Handicap Chase2m 4fQUITO DU TRESOR5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-14/8
22 Oct 20154:25 Carlisle Handicap Hurdle2m 4fTHE COBBLER SWAYNE4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL10-1F/14
2 Oct 20153:40 Hexham Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fDROP A GEAR7K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-1F/6
29 Sep 20152:00 Sedgefield Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fALWAYSRECOMMENDED4K (5)JANE WALTON17-28/11
24 Sep 20155:00 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fQUITO DU TRESOR5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL8-14/7
23 Sep 20155:45 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mSKY KHAN8K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL11-22/7
23 Sep 20154:40 Perth Hurdle2mTHE COMPELLER4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL17-23/10
23 Sep 20152:20 Perth Novice Hurdle2m 4fMISS JOEKING4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL80-14/7
18 Sep 20156:05 Hexham Handicap Chase3mSETTLEDOUTOFCOURT8K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-1F/8
18 Sep 20154:30 Hexham Maiden Hurdle2mMISS JOEKING3K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL66-16/10
16 Sep 20154:40 Kelso Maiden Hurdle2m 5fCASH IS KING4K (4)KENNY JOHNSON125-17/9
8 Sep 20157:10 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fRUN WITH THE WIND14K (3)S R B CRAWFORD4-13/5
8 Sep 20155:40 Perth Novice Hurdle2mTISH HALL4K (4)S R B CRAWFORD150-17/10
8 Sep 20155:10 Perth Novice Hurdle2m 4fDROP A GEAR4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-14/5
2 Sep 20152:10 Southwell Handicap Chase2m 4fQUITO DU TRESOR6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-13/5
27 Aug 20155:30 Sedgefield Novice Hurdle2m 4fCASH IS KING5K (4)KENNY JOHNSON200-14/5
22 Aug 20156:35 Perth NH Flat2mBLAYNEY QUEEN2K (6)S R B CRAWFORD11-13/9
22 Aug 20156:05 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mTRUCKING ALONG19K (2)S R B CRAWFORD25-15/8
22 Aug 20155:35 Perth Handicap Chase3mKAI BROON14K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL16-17/10
22 Aug 20153:15 Perth Novice Hurdle2mDROP A GEAR4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL12-16/10
31 Jul 20156:15 Galway Handicap Chase2m 7fRUN WITH THE WIND19KS R B CRAWFORD20-115/19
12 Jul 20155:20 Perth NH Flat2mPADDY'S YARN2K (5)S R B CRAWFORD10-13/6
12 Jul 20154:10 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fRUN WITH THE WIND21K (3)S R B CRAWFORD20-11/7
12 Jul 20153:40 Perth Maiden Hurdle2mTISH HALL5K (4)S R B CRAWFORD50-18/10
12 Jul 20152:30 Perth Handicap Hurdle3mBALLYGROOBY BERTIE7K (4)S R B CRAWFORD12-18/8
2 Jul 20154:00 Perth Handicap Chase2mWOT A SHOT5K (4)C A MCBRATNEY8-14/6
2 Jul 20152:30 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fDROP A GEAR4K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL25-18/10
1 Jul 20153:10 Perth Handicap Chase3mORGANISEDCONFUSION14K (3)C A MCBRATNEY20-1P/6
1 Jul 20152:10 Perth Novice Hurdle2mMISS JOEKING4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL125-14/4
28 Jun 20152:40 Cartmel Maiden Hurdle2m 1fMISS JOEKING4K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL28-1F/8
26 Jun 20154:55 Cartmel Handicap Chase3m 1fREVERSE THE CHARGE4K (5)JANE WALTON14-1P/10
13 Jun 20154:45 Hexham Handicap Chase2m 4fSILENT SNOW3K (5)W T REED16-14/10
12 Jun 20156:45 Aintree Handicap Chase3m 1fLORD BRENDY9K (3)KENNY JOHNSON17-24/10
7 Jun 20154:25 Perth Handicap Chase3mYES TOM24K (2)S R B CRAWFORD25-1P/8
7 Jun 20153:20 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2mWOT A SHOT4K (4)C A MCBRATNEY14-17/9
7 Jun 20152:45 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fSTRONGPOINT10K (3)S R B CRAWFORD11-43/7
7 Jun 20152:10 Perth Novice Hurdle2m 4fCEITHRE DELTA4K (4)S R B CRAWFORD28-17/13
6 Jun 20152:05 Hexham Selling Hurdle2mMOMKINZAIN3K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-15/8
27 May 20152:50 Cartmel Maiden Hurdle2m 6fKNOCKLAYDE SNO CAT3K (5)S R B CRAWFORD2-14/9
26 May 20158:40 Hexham Handicap Chase3m 1fMASTER MURPHY3K (5)JANE WALTON10-1P/10
26 May 20158:10 Hexham Handicap Chase2mMORNING TIME4K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL15-24/8
26 May 20156:40 Hexham Handicap Hurdle2m 4fSULTANA BELLE6K (4)S R B CRAWFORD7-13/8
26 May 20156:10 Hexham Maiden Hurdle2m 4fSUZY'S MUSIC3K (5)S R B CRAWFORD20-15/9
25 May 20155:45 Cartmel Handicap Hurdle2m 6fSTYLISH CHAP8K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-12/6
25 May 20153:00 Cartmel Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 6fPULPITARIAN4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL8-15/9
24 May 20155:55 Kelso NH Flat2mZAKETY ZAK3K (5)JAMES TURNER33-17/13
24 May 20155:25 Kelso Handicap Chase3m 2fLORD BRENDY13K (3)KENNY JOHNSON5-14/9
24 May 20153:45 Kelso Novice Handicap Chase2m 1fTHE VILLAGE6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL14-17/7
24 May 20153:10 Kelso Novice Handicap Chase2m 7fLOCHORE5K (4)JEAN MCGREGOR28-14/8
24 May 20152:40 Kelso Novice Handicap Chase2m 7fREVERSE THE CHARGE5K (4)JANE WALTON25-16/9
17 May 20153:40 Market Rasen Handicap Hurdle2m 5fSKY KHAN9K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL13-21/8
16 May 20151:50 Bangor Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fALWAYSRECOMMENDED3K (5)JANE WALTON4-12/9
14 May 20155:10 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fQUITO DU TRESOR6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL14-13/6
14 May 20153:35 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mTHORPE14K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL6-13/6
14 May 20153:05 Perth Novice Chase3mCEITHRE DELTA5K (5)S R B CRAWFORD6-12/3
13 May 20156:25 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2mTHROTHETHATCH4K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL15-81/5
12 May 20153:15 Sedgefield Novice Chase2m 4fCASTLE GOER6K (4)BENJAMIN ARTHEY80-14/5
9 May 20155:30 Hexham NH Flat2mTEMPLE TIGER2K (6)JAMES TURNER16-14/7
9 May 20155:00 Hexham Handicap Hurdle2mMORNING TIME5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL18-15/5
9 May 20153:50 Hexham Handicap Hurdle3mHARTFORTH9K (4)DONALD WHILLANS11-43/6
6 May 20153:20 Kelso Handicap Chase3m 2fREVOCATION11K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-23/10
6 May 20152:20 Kelso Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 6fSPOILS OF WAR6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-1P/12
30 Apr 20154:55 Sedgefield NH Flat2m 1fZAKETY ZAK2K (6)JAMES TURNER40-14/8
29 Apr 20156:40 Punchestown Handicap Chase2m 4fSTRONGPOINT72KS R B CRAWFORD14-13/18
24 Apr 20155:20 Perth NH Flat2mFIFTEEN KINGS2K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL8-18/13
24 Apr 20152:10 Perth Novice Hurdle2mCEITHRE DELTA5K (4)S R B CRAWFORD14-14/6
23 Apr 20155:25 Perth Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fPULPITARIAN7K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL16-12/8
23 Apr 20154:20 Perth Handicap Chase2m 4fQUITO DU TRESOR24K (2)LUCINDA RUSSELL22-15/6
22 Apr 20152:20 Perth Maiden Hurdle2m 4fTHROTHETHATCH5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL33-19/16
20 Apr 20154:40 Hexham NH Flat2mTEMPLE TIGER2K (6)JAMES TURNER80-15/10
20 Apr 20153:40 Hexham Handicap Chase3m 1fFILBERT FOX3K (5)JOANNE FOSTER50-114/18
18 Apr 20155:30 Ayr NH Flat2mRISING TIDE9K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-14/8
18 Apr 20153:45 Ayr Handicap Chase4mLIE FORRIT206K (1)LUCINDA RUSSELL14-110/29
18 Apr 20153:10 Ayr Handicap Chase2mSTRONGPOINT34K (1)S R B CRAWFORD9-23/7
17 Apr 20154:10 Ayr Handicap Hurdle3mJENNYS MELODY19K (2)BENJAMIN ARTHEY10-11/8
17 Apr 20153:35 Ayr Novice Handicap Chase2mWOT A SHOT14K (3)C A MCBRATNEY33-14/7
17 Apr 20152:00 Ayr Handicap Hurdle2mSTYLISH CHAP11K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL33-19/14
14 Apr 20153:45 Carlisle Novice Hurdle2m 1fVALNAMIXE DU MEE4K (4)ROBERT JOHNSON25-12/11
14 Apr 20153:10 Carlisle Novice Chase2mTHE VILLAGE6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL40-16/6
14 Apr 20152:10 Carlisle Handicap Hurdle3m 1fHEEZ A STEEL3K (5)JANE WALTON50-1P/13
13 Apr 20154:30 Kelso Handicap Chase3m 2fLORD BRENDY11K (3)ROBERT JOHNSON9-21/9
13 Apr 20153:00 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 6fSKY KHAN5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL8-12/11
13 Apr 20152:30 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fMORNING TIME7K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL25-17/9
10 Apr 20155:15 Aintree NH Flat2m 1fDUNCOMPLAINING29K (1)WILLIAM KINSEY100-16/19
10 Apr 20154:40 Aintree Novice Hurdle3mONE FOR ARTHUR98K (1)LUCINDA RUSSELL40-1P/16
6 Apr 20155:00 Fairyhouse Chase3m 5fALPHA VICTOR197KWILLIAM KINSEY40-1P/28
5 Apr 20153:35 Sedgefield Handicap Hurdle2m 1fSULTANA BELLE5K (4)S R B CRAWFORD4-12/6
5 Apr 20153:05 Sedgefield Handicap Chase2m 4fHURRICANE IVAN3K (5)S WILSON7-13/13
5 Apr 20152:00 Sedgefield Novice Hurdle2m 1fCOLUMBANUS5K (4)S WILSON80-19/12
4 Apr 20155:15 Carlisle Handicap Chase3m 2fHEEZ A STEEL5K (4)JANE WALTON12-15/9
4 Apr 20153:30 Carlisle Handicap Chase2m 4fNO DEAL9K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-53/5
4 Apr 20151:45 Carlisle Novice Hurdle2m 3fSHADES OF MIDNIGHT5K (4)DONALD WHILLANS11-81/11
27 Mar 20154:50 Newcastle Handicap Chase3mULTRA DU CHATELET5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL13-2P/12
27 Mar 20153:10 Newcastle Handicap Hurdle2m 4fALWAYSRECOMMENDED3K (5)JANE WALTON66-16/17
27 Mar 20152:40 Newcastle Handicap Chase2mROSQUERO3K (5)ROBERT JOHNSON7-22/4
27 Mar 20152:10 Newcastle Novice Hurdle2m 4fVALNAMIXE DU MEE4K (4)ROBERT JOHNSON150-111/13
24 Mar 20155:15 Hexham NH Flat2mTEMPLE TIGER2K (6)JAMES TURNER66-16/10
21 Mar 20154:35 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2m 4fTHE COBBLER SWAYNE4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-114/14
21 Mar 20152:15 Kelso Handicap Chase3m 2fISLA PEARL FISHER24K (2)N W ALEXANDER40-16/10
21 Mar 20151:45 Kelso Handicap Hurdle2mSKY KHAN4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-14/11
18 Mar 20152:45 Haydock Handicap Chase3mBLENHEIM BROOK7K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL8-1P/8
17 Mar 20155:15 Wetherby Handicap Chase2m 6fLORD BRENDY9K (4)ROBERT JOHNSON9-42/8
14 Mar 20154:35 Newcastle Handicap Chase2mMUMGOS DEBUT5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-12/6
14 Mar 20154:00 Newcastle Handicap Hurdle3mTANTAMOUNT8K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL5-16/9
14 Mar 20152:50 Newcastle Handicap Chase3mPRESENT LODGER5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL11-43/6
14 Mar 20152:15 Newcastle Novice Hurdle2mJACK STEEL4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-13/9
12 Mar 20155:20 Hexham Maiden Hurdle2m 4fSPOILS OF WAR3K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-62/11
12 Mar 20154:55 Hexham Handicap Chase3m 1fFILBERT FOX3K (5)JOANNE FOSTER22-1P/10
10 Mar 20152:20 Sedgefield Novice Hurdle2m 4fJENNYS MELODY5K (4)BENJAMIN ARTHEY8-151/5
7 Mar 20152:10 Ayr Handicap Chase2mPROSECCO6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-2F/4
7 Mar 20151:40 Ayr Novice Hurdle3mONE FOR ARTHUR5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL11-81/4
6 Mar 20153:05 Ayr Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fHURRICANE IVAN6K (4)S WILSON7-24/5
6 Mar 20152:30 Ayr Maiden Hurdle2m 4fTHROTHETHATCH3K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-17/12
28 Feb 20154:10 Kelso Chase2m 7fSAPHIR RIVER29K (1)LUCINDA RUSSELL25-1F/6
28 Feb 20151:55 Kelso Novice Hurdle2mPRESENT FLIGHT4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL40-15/10
23 Feb 20154:50 Ayr Handicap Chase2m 4fNO DEAL6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL2-11/7
23 Feb 20152:50 Ayr Novice Chase2mISLAND CONFUSION6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL10-13/3
23 Feb 20152:20 Ayr Maiden Hurdle2mSPOILS OF WAR3K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL11-42/14
21 Feb 20155:10 Newcastle NH Flat2mDUNCOMPLAINING2K (6)WILLIAM KINSEY10-14/14
21 Feb 20152:55 Newcastle Handicap Chase4m 1fALPHA VICTOR68K (2)WILLIAM KINSEY8-1P/18
21 Feb 20152:20 Newcastle Handicap Hurdle2mSKY KHAN14K (2)LUCINDA RUSSELL6-14/9
21 Feb 20151:50 Newcastle Novice Chase3mREVOCATION18K (2)LUCINDA RUSSELL6-1F/5
19 Feb 20154:05 Musselburgh Handicap Chase2m 4fPRESENT LODGER5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL3-11/8
17 Feb 20153:55 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle2m 6fTHE COBBLER SWAYNE4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL25-12/14
16 Feb 20155:00 Carlisle Handicap Hurdle2m 1fSTYLISH CHAP5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL12-1P/14
16 Feb 20153:25 Carlisle Handicap Chase2m 4fULTRA DU CHATELET7K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL6-16/10
16 Feb 20152:25 Carlisle Novice Hurdle2m 3fPRESENT FLIGHT4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL33-16/11
14 Feb 20154:00 Haydock Novice Hurdle2m 7fKINGSWELL THEATRE27K (1)LUCINDA RUSSELL33-14/7
14 Feb 20152:55 Haydock Handicap Chase3m 4fLIE FORRIT73K (1)LUCINDA RUSSELL8-11/12
12 Feb 20152:30 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 7fISLA PEARL FISHER9K (3)N W ALEXANDER25-16/8
12 Feb 20152:00 Kelso Novice Hurdle2mTHORPE4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-42/13
10 Feb 20152:45 Ayr Novice Handicap Hurdle3mONE FOR ARTHUR5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-21/7
10 Feb 20152:10 Ayr Maiden Hurdle2mTHROTHETHATCH3K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL33-14/8
6 Feb 20154:00 Newcastle Novice Hurdle2m 6fJENNYS MELODY4K (4)BENJAMIN ARTHEY5-61/4
6 Feb 20152:55 Newcastle Maiden Hurdle2mVALNAMIXE DU MEE4K (4)ROBERT JOHNSON100-110/10
6 Feb 20152:20 Newcastle Handicap Chase2m 4fPRESENT LODGER3K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL2-11/8
1 Feb 20151:30 Musselburgh Handicap Chase2mQUITO DU TRESOR19K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL16-13/8
1 Feb 20151:00 Musselburgh Novice Hurdle2mSTYLISH CHAP18K (2)LUCINDA RUSSELL50-13/4
31 Jan 20152:45 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle3m 1fALPHA VICTOR8K (3)WILLIAM KINSEY33-12/12
31 Jan 20151:00 Wetherby Novice Hurdle2mFILEY BAY4K (4)JAMES TURNER125-1F/9
28 Jan 20153:20 Newcastle Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fCOBAJAYISLAND5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL2-12/4
28 Jan 20152:20 Newcastle Handicap Chase3mOUTLAW TOM5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL8-1F/5
23 Jan 20152:20 Ayr Handicap Chase2m 4fPRESENT LODGER3K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-41/5
21 Jan 20153:55 Ayr Handicap Hurdle2m 4fAMORE MIO3K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL3-15/6
21 Jan 20152:50 Ayr Handicap Chase2mPROSECCO6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL8-1F/10
21 Jan 20151:50 Ayr Maiden Hurdle2m 4fPRESENT FLIGHT3K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL14-16/11
20 Jan 20153:50 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle2m 4fJUST CHILLY4K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL7-15/8
20 Jan 20152:45 Wetherby Handicap Chase3m 1fCLONDAW KNIGHT9K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL10-11/9
20 Jan 20152:10 Wetherby Handicap Hurdle3m 1fKNOCKANDO4K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL22-112/13
17 Jan 20153:50 Haydock Novice Hurdle2m 4fONE FOR ARTHUR5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL3-11/3
17 Jan 20153:15 Haydock Handicap Chase3m 1fGREEN FLAG49K (1)LUCINDA RUSSELL6-1P/12
17 Jan 20152:05 Haydock Hurdle2mSTRONGPOINT73K (1)S R B CRAWFORD16-13/7
17 Jan 20151:30 Haydock Novice Hurdle2mTHORPE27K (1)LUCINDA RUSSELL15-24/6
17 Jan 201512:20 Haydock Handicap Hurdle3mKINGSWELL THEATRE9K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL5-18/8
16 Jan 20152:45 Musselburgh Handicap Chase2m 4fQUITO DU TRESOR11K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL11-21/4
11 Jan 20152:10 Kelso Handicap Chase3m 2fLIE FORRIT29K (2)LUCINDA RUSSELL15-81/8
11 Jan 20151:40 Kelso Novice Hurdle2mTHORPE4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL13-82/11
11 Jan 201512:40 Kelso Novice Hurdle2m 6fTHE COBBLER SWAYNE4K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL16-15/8
9 Jan 20152:40 Doncaster Handicap Chase3mLORD BRENDY5K (4)ROBERT JOHNSON3-12/7
5 Jan 20153:00 Musselburgh Handicap Chase3mBLENHEIM BROOK11K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL18-13/6
5 Jan 20151:30 Musselburgh Handicap Chase2mSHINE A DIAMOND5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL5-12/7
5 Jan 20151:00 Musselburgh Maiden Hurdle2mSTYLISH CHAP4K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL25-11/7
3 Jan 20152:15 Newcastle Handicap Hurdle2mISLAND CONFUSION5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL4-16/11
3 Jan 201512:30 Newcastle Novice Chase2mNO DEAL5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL10-14/7
3 Jan 201512:00 Newcastle Novice Hurdle2m 4fJENNYS MELODY5K (4)BENJAMIN ARTHEY7-22/4
2 Jan 20152:40 Ayr Handicap Chase2m 4fPROSECCO6K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL20-13/7
2 Jan 20151:35 Ayr Handicap Hurdle2mTHIS THYNE JUDE5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL20-111/11
2 Jan 20151:00 Ayr Handicap Hurdle3mKNOCKANDO5K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL9-1P/8
2 Jan 201512:30 Ayr Maiden Hurdle2m 4fMAKE IT HAPPEN3K (5)LUCINDA RUSSELL33-15/14
1 Jan 20152:45 Musselburgh Handicap Chase3mBLAZIN WHITE FACE9K (4)LUCINDA RUSSELL20-1P/8
1 Jan 20152:10 Musselburgh Handicap Hurdle2mSTRONGPOINT39K (2)S R B CRAWFORD15-22/10
1 Jan 20151:35 Musselburgh Handicap Chase2m 4fQUITO DU TRESOR29K (3)LUCINDA RUSSELL12-12/9