Trainer   TOM GEORGE
National Hunt Racing Form - 2016
DateRaceRace TypeRace DistanceHorseRace Value (Class)JockeySP OddsFinishing Position
31 Dec 201612:40 Newbury Novice Handicap Chase2m 6fSOME ARE LUCKY9K (3)A P HESKIN11-13/13
30 Dec 20163:30 Taunton Handicap Chase2m 7fMOSS ON THE MILL14K (3)A P HESKIN8-18/9
30 Dec 20162:30 Taunton Novice Handicap Chase2m 7fBEHIND THE WIRE11K (4)A P HESKIN6-11/8
29 Dec 201612:25 Doncaster Novice Handicap Chase2mVALSEUR DU GRANVAL10K (3)A P HESKIN13-83/4
27 Dec 20163:30 Kempton Handicap Chase3mDOUBLE SHUFFLE39K (2)A P HESKIN8-11/8
27 Dec 20162:20 Kempton Chase2mSIR VALENTINO75K (1)A P HESKIN6-12/4
27 Dec 201612:20 Chepstow Maiden Hurdle2m 3fTHE WORLDS END9K (3)PADDY BRENNAN5-11/13
26 Dec 20161:30 Kempton Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fMAX WARD19K (3)A P HESKIN5-1F/7
21 Dec 20162:40 Ludlow Handicap Chase3mCERNUNNOS24K (3)A P HESKIN14-16/15
21 Dec 20161:35 Ludlow Handicap Chase2mNOCHE DE REYES27K (2)A P HESKIN16-16/8
21 Dec 201612:35 Ludlow Maiden Hurdle2mOTTER MOON5K (4)A P HESKIN50-19/16
20 Dec 201612:45 Taunton Amateur Handicap Hurdle2m 3fSTORMING STRUMPET6K (4)MR N GEORGE8-14/15
19 Dec 20162:40 Hereford Handicap Hurdle2mSTAMP YOUR FEET9K (3)A P HESKIN5-11/9
17 Dec 20162:55 Newcastle Handicap Chase2m 4fBUN DORAN14K (3)A P HESKIN11-81/7
17 Dec 201612:35 Newcastle Novice Handicap Chase2m 7fBATTLE OF SHILOH9K (3)A P HESKIN5-41/4
15 Dec 20162:35 Exeter Handicap Chase2m 3fBALLINVARRIG5K (4)A P HESKIN11-25/10
15 Dec 20161:00 Exeter Handicap Hurdle2m 3fROCKLANDER8K (3)A P HESKIN7-22/11
15 Dec 201612:30 Exeter Novice Hurdle2m 3fARCTIC LADY4K (4)A P HESKIN20-18/18
14 Dec 20163:10 Newbury Novice Hurdle2m 3fBIG WINDMILL6K (4)A P HESKIN33-112/15
14 Dec 20162:35 Newbury Handicap Chase2mSMOKING JACKET6K (4)A P HESKIN11-4F/8
14 Dec 201612:55 Newbury Maiden Hurdle2mCRUISEAWEIGH6K (4)A P HESKIN5-27/17
11 Dec 20161:50 Southwell Maiden Hurdle2mMISS NIGHT OWL5K (4)A P HESKIN13-82/8
11 Dec 20161:20 Southwell Maiden Hurdle2m 4fSANDYMOUNT4K (5)A P HESKIN7-21/12
10 Dec 20161:50 Cheltenham Handicap Chase2m 5fMODULE98K (1)A P HESKIN20-1P/16
10 Dec 20161:15 Cheltenham Handicap Chase2mPARSNIP PETE29K (2)A P HESKIN8-17/11
10 Dec 201612:55 Doncaster Handicap Chase3mNO DUFFER24K (2)PADDY BRENNAN9-11/11
10 Dec 201611:50 Doncaster Handicap Chase2m 3fALWAYS ON THE RUN14K (3)PADDY BRENNAN4-12/8
9 Dec 20163:45 Cheltenham Novice Hurdle2m 1fSUMKINDOFKING11K (3)A P HESKIN5-27/12
9 Dec 20161:30 Cheltenham Handicap Chase3m 2fA GOOD SKIN44K (1)A P HESKIN5-14/12
9 Dec 201612:55 Cheltenham Handicap Chase2m 5fSONG SAA11K (3)A P HESKIN6-17/9
9 Dec 201612:20 Cheltenham Novice Chase3m 1fSINGLEFARMPAYMENT24K (2)A P HESKIN9-21/6
6 Dec 20163:30 Uttoxeter NH Flat2mBROOM TIP3K (5)A P HESKIN15-27/10
6 Dec 20163:00 Uttoxeter Novice Handicap Chase2m 5fBEHIND THE WIRE6K (4)A P HESKIN11-27/9
6 Dec 20162:30 Uttoxeter Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 4fBARAZA4K (5)A P HESKIN3-19/15
6 Dec 20162:00 Uttoxeter Handicap Hurdle2m 4fKK LEXION5K (4)A P HESKIN7-23/14
6 Dec 201612:30 Uttoxeter Maiden Hurdle2mOVERAWED6K (4)A P HESKIN20-110/14
3 Dec 20163:00 Sandown Chase2mGOD'S OWN146K (1)A P HESKIN7-23/6
3 Dec 20163:00 Sandown Chase2mSIR VALENTINO146K (1)NOEL FEHILY25-15/6
3 Dec 20161:55 Sandown Novice Chase2mMAX WARD42K (1)A P HESKIN20-13/4
3 Dec 20161:35 Aintree Handicap Chase3m 2fSAINT ARE137K (1)BRIAN HARDING14-1F/22
3 Dec 201612:30 Aintree Handicap Chase2m 4fCERNUNNOS14K (3)BARRY GERAGHTY4-16/10
3 Dec 201612:30 Aintree Handicap Chase2m 4fCALL ME VIC14K (3)DARYL JACOB7-11/10
3 Dec 201612:20 Sandown Novice Hurdle2mCRUISEAWEIGH9K (3)A P HESKIN6-4P/9
29 Nov 20162:30 Southwell Maiden Hurdle2mSUMKINDOFKING5K (5)A P HESKIN2-51/14
29 Nov 20161:25 Southwell Novice Hurdle3mMINELLA ARIS5K (4)A P HESKIN6-41/8
27 Nov 20163:40 Leicester Handicap Hurdle2mROCKLANDER9K (4)A P HESKIN7-41/14
27 Nov 20162:40 Leicester Handicap Hurdle2m 4fFIT THE BRIEF9K (4)A P HESKIN12-15/9
27 Nov 20161:00 Leicester Handicap Chase2m 7fFORGOTTEN GOLD27K (2)A P HESKIN11-41/3
26 Nov 20163:45 Newbury Handicap Chase2mPARSNIP PETE34K (2)A P HESKIN7-12/9
26 Nov 20161:55 Doncaster Novice Handicap Chase2m 3fBIGPIPENOTOBACEE19K (3)MARK QUINLAN9-1F/7
26 Nov 20161:30 Newbury Handicap Chase2m 6fO MAONLAI39K (3)A P HESKIN12-11/16
25 Nov 20162:45 Newbury Handicap Chase2m 4fDOUBLE SHUFFLE49K (2)A P HESKIN11-25/8
25 Nov 20162:00 Doncaster Novice Handicap Chase3mFLORIDA CALLING10K (4)PADDY BRENNAN6-1P/8
25 Nov 20161:25 Doncaster Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 3fBOYHOOD6K (4)PADDY BRENNAN2-11/7
25 Nov 20161:05 Newbury Novice Handicap Chase2mVALSEUR DU GRANVAL19K (3)A P HESKIN16-14/12
24 Nov 20163:45 Towcester NH Flat1m 6fMICK MAESTRO2K (6)A P HESKIN11-21/12
24 Nov 20161:45 Taunton Novice Handicap Chase2m 7fMOSS ON THE MILL17K (3)MARK QUINLAN7-15/8
23 Nov 201612:40 Hereford Novice Hurdle2m 4fRABUNDA5K (4)A P HESKIN5-17/12
22 Nov 20163:20 Sedgefield NH Flat2m 1fBORN FOR WAR2K (6)A P HESKIN11-43/9
21 Nov 20162:50 Ludlow Handicap Chase2mNOCHE DE REYES17K (3)A P HESKIN2-13/5
21 Nov 201612:40 Ludlow Maiden Hurdle2mBIG WINDMILL5K (4)A P HESKIN5-13/10
19 Nov 20163:15 Ascot Handicap Chase2m 1fSOME BUCKLE98K (2)A P HESKIN5-17/9
19 Nov 20162:05 Ascot Chase2m 5fGOD'S OWN68K (1)A P HESKIN7-23/7
19 Nov 201612:55 Ascot Novice Handicap Chase3mSINGLEFARMPAYMENT10K (3)A P HESKIN4-12/9
19 Nov 201612:10 Haydock Handicap Hurdle2mBABY KING19K (3)PADDY BRENNAN5-23/7
18 Nov 20163:45 Haydock NH Flat2mANOTHER STOWAWAY4K (4)MARK QUINLAN11-15/11
18 Nov 201612:40 Ffos Las Maiden Hurdle2m 4fTHE WORLDS END4K (5)A P HESKIN11-83/9
17 Nov 20162:50 Wincanton Novice Handicap Chase2mSMOKING JACKET11K (3)A P HESKIN11-43/8
16 Nov 20161:00 Warwick Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fSONG SAA6K (4)A P HESKIN7-23/8
16 Nov 201612:30 Warwick Novice Hurdle2mGET RHYTHM5K (4)A P HESKIN5-13/13
13 Nov 20161:55 Cheltenham Chase2mMODULE73K (1)A P HESKIN20-14/8
12 Nov 20164:05 Cheltenham NH Flat2mMISS NIGHT OWL19K (1)A P HESKIN12-112/19
12 Nov 20162:25 Cheltenham Handicap Chase2m 4fDOUBLE SHUFFLE157K (1)A P HESKIN10-1P/17
12 Nov 20161:40 Uttoxeter Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fBUN DORAN14K (3)PADDY BRENNAN3-13/13
11 Nov 20163:15 Cheltenham Novice Handicap Hurdle2mKK LEXION11K (3)A P HESKIN10-14/18
10 Nov 20163:45 Towcester NH Flat2mOTTER MOON2K (5)A P HESKIN14-14/8
10 Nov 20163:35 Ludlow Amateur Handicap Hurdle2m 5fCOEUR DE FOU5K (5)MR N GEORGE10-17/14
10 Nov 20163:15 Towcester Handicap Chase2m 6fALWAYS ON THE RUN11K (3)A P HESKIN9-43/4
10 Nov 20163:05 Ludlow Handicap Chase3m 2fMOSS ON THE MILL14K (3)MARK QUINLAN8-11/9
10 Nov 20162:45 Towcester Handicap Hurdle2m 3fFIT THE BRIEF7K (4)A P HESKIN7-15/6
10 Nov 20161:35 Ludlow Maiden Hurdle2mOVERAWED5K (4)MARK QUINLAN16-13/8
9 Nov 20164:05 Bangor Maiden Hurdle2m 7fCUIRASSIER DEMPIRE3K (5)A P HESKIN18-15/5
9 Nov 20161:50 Bangor Handicap Chase3mCALL ME VIC25K (2)A P HESKIN11-1F/13
8 Nov 20162:50 Huntingdon Novice Handicap Chase2mMAX WARD9K (3)A P HESKIN7-41/3
6 Nov 20163:25 Sandown Handicap Chase3mSAINT ARE29K (2)A P HESKIN6-13/5
5 Nov 20164:15 Aintree NH Flat2m 1fCRUISEAWEIGH4K (4)A P HESKIN1-11/7
5 Nov 20163:45 Aintree Handicap Chase2mPARSNIP PETE24K (3)A P HESKIN7-23/7
5 Nov 20163:20 Wincanton Handicap Chase3m 1fROC D'APSIS59K (1)PADDY BRENNAN8-15/7
5 Nov 20163:10 Aintree Handicap Chase2m 4fSOME BUCKLE39K (2)A P HESKIN9-2P/9
5 Nov 201612:55 Aintree Novice Hurdle2m 4fBOYHOOD7K (4)A P HESKIN6-12/8
2 Nov 20164:20 Chepstow NH Flat2mSUMKINDOFKING2K (6)A P HESKIN8-111/7
2 Nov 20163:20 Chepstow Handicap Hurdle3mSOME ARE LUCKY9K (3)A P HESKIN5-22/7
2 Nov 20162:50 Chepstow Handicap Hurdle2mROCKLANDER7K (4)A P HESKIN2-11/12
2 Nov 20162:15 Chepstow Novice Handicap Chase2mVALSEUR DU GRANVAL11K (3)A P HESKIN5-41/5
1 Nov 20164:20 Exeter Handicap Hurdle2m 3fBARAZA3K (5)A P HESKIN2-14/14
1 Nov 20162:20 Exeter Handicap Chase2m 1fSIR VALENTINO61K (1)A P HESKIN10-11/8
29 Oct 20163:35 Ascot Handicap Chase3mA GOOD SKIN98K (1)A P HESKIN6-16/12
29 Oct 20162:25 Ascot Handicap Chase2m 1fNOCHE DE REYES59K (1)A P HESKIN7-12/11
27 Oct 20162:50 Stratford Novice Handicap Chase2m 1fSMOKING JACKET7K (4)A P HESKIN14-11/9
25 Oct 20164:45 Bangor NH Flat2m 1fSANDYMOUNT2K (6)A P HESKIN15-23/13
23 Oct 20165:00 Aintree NH Flat2m 1fMISS NIGHT OWL5K (4)A P HESKIN33-11/10
23 Oct 20163:50 Aintree Handicap Chase2m 4fGOD'S OWN63K (1)A P HESKIN4-12/7
23 Oct 20163:30 Wincanton Handicap Chase3m 3fCERNUNNOS11K (3)PADDY BRENNAN9-43/4
23 Oct 20162:55 Wincanton Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fSTORMING STRUMPET9K (4)MARK QUINLAN7-14/4
23 Oct 20162:45 Aintree Handicap Chase3m 1fFORGOTTEN GOLD29K (2)A P HESKIN5-18/10
22 Oct 20163:30 Cheltenham Handicap Chase2mALWAYS ON THE RUN49K (2)A P HESKIN12-18/14
22 Oct 20162:25 Cheltenham Novice Hurdle3mNO DUFFER9K (3)A P HESKIN16-16/7
21 Oct 20165:05 Cheltenham Amateur Handicap Chase3m 1fBALLINVARRIG11K (3)MR N GEORGE25-1P/17
21 Oct 20164:30 Cheltenham Maiden Hurdle2mBIGPIPENOTOBACEE9K (3)A P HESKIN33-14/7
20 Oct 20164:50 Ludlow Amateur Handicap Chase2m 4fCOEUR DE FOU5K (5)MR N GEORGE7-13/11
19 Oct 20165:40 Worcester Maiden Hurdle2m 4fCUIRASSIER DEMPIRE5K (5)A P HESKIN17-23/8
19 Oct 20165:10 Worcester Maiden Hurdle2m 4fBOYHOOD5K (5)A P HESKIN6-12/10
19 Oct 20164:40 Worcester Novice Hurdle2mFIT THE BRIEF6K (4)A P HESKIN4-15/9
19 Oct 20163:30 Worcester NH Flat2mBROOM TIP3K (5)A P HESKIN8-110/14
19 Oct 20162:55 Worcester Novice Handicap Chase2m 7fSINGLEFARMPAYMENT11K (3)A P HESKIN3-13/5
16 Oct 20164:45 Kempton Novice Handicap Chase2m 2fVALSEUR DU GRANVAL6K (4)A P HESKIN3-11/5
16 Oct 20162:30 Kempton Handicap Chase2m 2fNOCHE DE REYES9K (3)A P HESKIN4-12/9
15 Oct 20163:55 Market Rasen Handicap Chase3mFLORIDA CALLING14K (3)A P HESKIN3-1P/6
13 Oct 20163:30 Uttoxeter Novice Handicap Chase2m 6fBATTLE OF SHILOH9K (3)A P HESKIN11-101/5
13 Oct 20162:20 Uttoxeter Novice Hurdle2mGET RHYTHM6K (4)A P HESKIN7-13/6
9 Oct 20165:00 Chepstow Handicap Chase3mSAINT ARE29K (2)A P HESKIN10-15/8
9 Oct 20164:00 Chepstow Handicap Chase2m 3fDOUBLE SHUFFLE39K (2)A P HESKIN7-22/8
8 Oct 20165:00 Chepstow Handicap Chase3mA GOOD SKIN34K (2)A P HESKIN9-13/16
6 Oct 20164:15 Hereford Handicap Chase3m 1fROC D'APSIS14K (3)A P HESKIN8-14/7
5 Oct 20164:50 Towcester NH Flat1m 6fOTTER MOON2K (6)MARK QUINLAN4-14/7
5 Oct 20163:10 Ludlow Handicap Chase3m 2fKILBREE KID19K (3)A P HESKIN5-13/6
3 Oct 20164:10 Southwell Handicap Hurdle2m 4fKK LEXION5K (4)A P HESKIN4-11/7
2 Oct 20164:10 Uttoxeter Handicap Chase3mCOEUR DE FOU9K (4)A P HESKIN9-1P/9
2 Oct 20163:35 Uttoxeter Handicap Hurdle2m 7fSOME ARE LUCKY9K (3)A P HESKIN7-22/8
2 Oct 20161:55 Uttoxeter Maiden Hurdle2m 4fCUIRASSIER DEMPIRE5K (4)CIARAN GETHINGS10-15/8
24 Sep 20163:10 Market Rasen Handicap Chase2m 5fCERNUNNOS49K (1)A P HESKIN8-17/12
21 Sep 20164:05 Perth Handicap Chase3mKILBREE KID14K (3)A P HESKIN5-11/8
24 Aug 20167:20 Stratford Handicap Hurdle2m 6fGRAND ENTERPRISE3K (5)PADDY BRENNAN8-16/15
20 Aug 20165:50 Perth Handicap Chase3mKILBREE KID9K (4)PADDY BRENNAN2-11/7
14 Aug 20163:00 Southwell Handicap Chase2m 4fCERNUNNOS22K (2)PADDY BRENNAN7-25/8
29 Jul 20163:20 Bangor Novice Hurdle2m 1fSTAMP YOUR FEET4K (4)PADDY BRENNAN4-13/10
17 Jul 20165:05 Stratford Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 3fGRAND ENTERPRISE6K (4)PADDY BRENNAN10-34/6
16 Jul 20162:45 Market Rasen Handicap Chase2m 5fCERNUNNOS49K (1)BARRY GERAGHTY13-2F/16
16 Jul 20162:45 Market Rasen Handicap Chase2m 5fSIR VALENTINO49K (1)PADDY BRENNAN14-18/16
12 Jul 20167:00 Worcester Handicap Hurdle2m 7fMOSS ON THE MILL9K (3)CIARAN GETHINGS5-16/8
12 Jul 20166:30 Worcester Handicap Chase2m 7fKILBREE KID6K (4)SAM TWISTON-DAVIES9-13/12
10 Jul 20165:05 Stratford Novice Hurdle2mSTAMP YOUR FEET5K (4)BARRY GERAGHTY2-12/7
10 Jul 20164:30 Stratford Handicap Chase2m 1fPARSNIP PETE19K (2)PADDY BRENNAN4-13/8
29 Jun 20163:40 Perth Handicap Chase3mCALL ME VIC14K (3)PADDY BRENNAN2-14/7
26 Jun 20164:35 Uttoxeter Handicap Chase2mPARSNIP PETE19K (2)PADDY BRENNAN10-13/11
24 Jun 20164:40 Cartmel Handicap Hurdle2m 1fDEXCITE19K (2)PADDY BRENNAN85-406/10
22 Jun 20165:00 Worcester Handicap Hurdle2m 7fMOSS ON THE MILL9K (3)PADDY BRENNAN7-22/6
19 Jun 20164:50 Worcester Handicap Hurdle2m 4fSIR VALENTINO19K (2)CIARAN GETHINGS8-14/9
15 Jun 20165:20 Uttoxeter Handicap Chase3m 2fKILBREE KID5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN4-1P/10
15 Jun 20162:20 Uttoxeter Maiden Hurdle2mROCKLANDER5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN6-52/8
14 Jun 20162:55 Stratford Novice Hurdle2mEGYPT MILL REBEL5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN15-8P/12
14 Jun 20162:20 Stratford Novice Hurdle2m 3fFIT THE BRIEF5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN1-2F/7
10 Jun 20168:10 Aintree Handicap Chase2mPARSNIP PETE10K (3)PADDY BRENNAN7-21/8
10 Jun 20167:05 Aintree Handicap Chase3m 1fCALL ME VIC10K (3)PADDY BRENNAN4-12/12
7 Jun 20169:05 Southwell NH Flat2mBOMBER COMMAND2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN9-44/8
7 Jun 20168:05 Southwell Novice Hurdle2mDEXCITE5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN1-101/5
7 Jun 20167:05 Southwell Handicap Hurdle2m 4fGRAND ENTERPRISE5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN6-15/14
7 Jun 20166:35 Southwell Handicap Chase2m 4fVALSEUR DU GRANVAL5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN7-22/8
3 Jun 20164:45 Market Rasen Handicap Hurdle2m 7fMOSS ON THE MILL8K (3)PADDY BRENNAN3-11/7
24 May 20168:35 Southwell NH Flat2mARCTIC LADY2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN8-13/12
24 May 20166:30 Southwell Maiden Hurdle2m 4fROCKLANDER4K (5)PADDY BRENNAN9-42/9
21 May 20167:35 Stratford Handicap Chase2m 1fPARSNIP PETE18K (2)PADDY BRENNAN9-22/9
21 May 20166:05 Stratford Novice Hurdle2mEGYPT MILL REBEL5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN16-11/6
18 May 20168:45 Southwell NH Flat2mSANDYMOUNT2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN11-102/5
18 May 20166:45 Southwell Novice Hurdle2mFIT THE BRIEF5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN4-12/6
16 May 20163:00 Kempton Novice Handicap Chase2m 2fVALSEUR DU GRANVAL5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN1-14/7
15 May 20164:25 Market Rasen Handicap Chase2m 3fSIR VALENTINO24K (2)PADDY BRENNAN9-11/11
14 May 20165:30 Uttoxeter Novice Hurdle2m 4fBIG BAD DUDE5K (4)SEAN BOWEN15-28/13
14 May 20163:05 Bangor Maiden Hurdle2m 1fDEXCITE4K (4)PADDY BRENNAN2-91/4
13 May 20167:35 Aintree Handicap Chase3m 1fO MAONLAI21K (2)TOM O'BRIEN10-1P/11
13 May 20165:55 Aintree Handicap Chase2m 4fBALLINVARRIG9K (3)PADDY BRENNAN9-2P/11
11 May 20165:10 Worcester Maiden Hurdle2mFIT THE BRIEF3K (5)PADDY BRENNAN5-1F/6
10 May 20163:10 Wincanton Handicap Chase3m 1fKILBREE KID9K (4)RICHARD JOHNSON11-82/4
9 May 20168:30 Towcester NH Flat2mHARDROCK DAVIS2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN5-15/13
9 May 20168:00 Towcester Novice Handicap Chase2mVALSEUR DU GRANVAL5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN6-11/6
8 May 20164:15 Ludlow Handicap Chase2mNOCHE DE REYES19K (3)PADDY BRENNAN9-42/8
8 May 20163:40 Ludlow Handicap Hurdle2mGRAND ENTERPRISE7K (4)PADDY BRENNAN11-14/9
8 May 20163:05 Ludlow Handicap Hurdle2m 5fMOSS ON THE MILL9K (3)PADDY BRENNAN7-12/8
4 May 20166:05 Kelso NH Flat2mGET RHYTHM3K (5)PADDY BRENNAN6-15/9
4 May 20163:25 Kelso Novice Handicap Hurdle2m 7fKK LEXION6K (4)PADDY BRENNAN3-13/8
4 May 20162:50 Kelso Handicap Chase2m 1fALWAYS ON THE RUN12K (3)PADDY BRENNAN7-41/7
3 May 20165:45 Exeter Maiden Hurdle2m 1fEGYPT MILL REBEL4K (4)PADDY BRENNAN16-15/9
2 May 20165:35 Kempton Handicap Chase2m 2fPARSNIP PETE22K (2)PADDY BRENNAN11-24/9
2 May 20163:55 Kempton Handicap Chase3mCALL ME VIC9K (3)PADDY BRENNAN8-19/15
30 Apr 20163:00 Uttoxeter Handicap Hurdle2m 7fBATTLE OF SHILOH7K (4)PADDY BRENNAN7-21/18
30 Apr 20161:50 Uttoxeter Maiden Hurdle2mDEXCITE5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN5-22/13
29 Apr 20168:05 Fontwell NH Flat1m 6fSTAMP YOUR FEET2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN4-11/11
27 Apr 20168:10 Cheltenham Hunter Chase2m 5fBIG FELLA THANKS3K (6)MR N GEORGE6-11/10
26 Apr 20165:30 Punchestown Chase2mGOD'S OWN138KPADDY BRENNAN9-11/7
23 Apr 20164:10 Sandown Handicap Chase3m 5fSAINT ARE147K (1)WAYNE HUTCHINSON25-110/20
22 Apr 20168:05 Chepstow Maiden Hurdle2mBIGPIPENOTOBACEE3K (5)SEAN BOWEN8-1F/16
21 Apr 20163:30 Perth Novice Handicap Chase2mVALSEUR DU GRANVAL10K (4)PADDY BRENNAN3-1P/8
20 Apr 20165:30 Perth Handicap Hurdle2mBABY KING9K (3)PADDY BRENNAN3-14/8
20 Apr 20165:00 Perth Novice Handicap Chase3mFLORIDA CALLING11K (3)PADDY BRENNAN7-22/6
20 Apr 20163:50 Perth Handicap Chase3mNO DUFFER14K (3)PADDY BRENNAN2-11/8
20 Apr 20162:40 Perth Handicap Hurdle2m 4fSONG SAA6K (4)PADDY BRENNAN7-210/12
19 Apr 20163:10 Ludlow Handicap Chase3mKILBREE KID17K (3)PADDY BRENNAN4-13/11
18 Apr 20164:55 Newton Abbot Hunter Chase2m 5fCOEUR DE FOU1K (6)MR N GEORGE2-1F/9
18 Apr 20164:20 Newton Abbot NH Flat2m 1fARCTIC LADY2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN7-25/15
18 Apr 20162:50 Newton Abbot Handicap Hurdle2m 1fDEFINITELY BETTER6K (4)PADDY BRENNAN3-16/8
17 Apr 20165:40 Wincanton NH Flat1m 7fMINELLA FOR ME2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN3-12/11
17 Apr 20165:10 Wincanton NH Flat1m 7fCRUISEAWEIGH2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN9-42/11
17 Apr 20164:05 Wincanton Novice Hurdle2m 4fBUN DORAN5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN7-43/8
16 Apr 20164:10 Ayr Handicap Chase4mA GOOD SKIN206K (1)PADDY BRENNAN20-1P/28
16 Apr 20163:35 Ayr Handicap Chase2mALWAYS ON THE RUN49K (1)PADDY BRENNAN9-4F/7
15 Apr 20167:40 Southwell NH Flat2mBOYHOOD2K (6)MR N GEORGE3-13/8
15 Apr 20165:15 Ayr Handicap Hurdle3mSOME ARE LUCKY11K (3)MR J J SLEVIN4-12/10
15 Apr 20163:45 Ayr Handicap Chase2m 4fDOUBLE SHUFFLE44K (1)PADDY BRENNAN11-45/7
14 Apr 20163:35 Cheltenham Handicap Chase3m 2fFORGOTTEN GOLD19K (2)PADDY BRENNAN9-22/8
14 Apr 20162:25 Cheltenham Novice Handicap Chase2m 5fSTORMING STRUMPET39K (1)PADDY BRENNAN25-15/11
12 Apr 20162:25 Exeter Handicap Hurdle2m 7fWILD WEST WIND8K (3)PADDY BRENNAN4-12/11
12 Apr 20161:50 Exeter Novice Hurdle2m 7fBEHIND THE WIRE4K (4)PADDY BRENNAN20-14/12
9 Apr 20166:35 Chepstow NH Flat2mTHE WORLDS END2K (6)WAYNE HUTCHINSON4-11/11
9 Apr 20165:15 Aintree Handicap Chase4m 2fSAINT ARE250K (1)PADDY BRENNAN16-1P/39
9 Apr 20164:20 Aintree Handicap Chase3m 1fROC D'APSIS59K (1)PADDY BRENNAN7-1P/14
9 Apr 20164:20 Aintree Handicap Chase3m 1fCERNUNNOS59K (1)MARK WALSH17-2P/14
8 Apr 20163:25 Aintree Chase2m 4fGOD'S OWN194K (1)PADDY BRENNAN10-11/6
5 Apr 20164:00 Ludlow Handicap Chase2mNOCHE DE REYES14K (3)PADDY BRENNAN9-41/7
4 Apr 20165:40 Wincanton NH Flat1m 7fHARDROCK DAVIS2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN3-15/8
4 Apr 20165:10 Wincanton NH Flat1m 7fBENI LIGHT2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN8-13/8
4 Apr 20163:10 Wincanton Handicap Chase2m 4fBALLINVARRIG9K (3)PADDY BRENNAN11-42/7
3 Apr 20164:20 Ascot Handicap Chase3mFORGOTTEN GOLD29K (2)PADDY BRENNAN13-21/14
2 Apr 20164:55 Uttoxeter Handicap Chase2m 4fSTORMING STRUMPET9K (4)JAMIE BARGARY11-25/8
31 Mar 20164:30 Ffos Las Hunter Chase2m 5fCOEUR DE FOU2K (6)MR N GEORGE5-41/4
30 Mar 20165:15 Exeter Hunter Chase2m 3fBIG FELLA THANKS1K (6)MR N GEORGE9-41/9
29 Mar 20165:15 Southwell NH Flat2mGET RHYTHM2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN5-42/5
29 Mar 20163:30 Southwell Novice Hurdle2m 4fBIGPIPENOTOBACEE5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN25-13/6
28 Mar 20161:45 Chepstow Novice Hurdle2m 3fSONG SAA5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN1-41/5
26 Mar 20164:50 Haydock NH Flat2mEGYPT MILL REBEL3K (5)PADDY BRENNAN12-110/12
26 Mar 20164:20 Haydock Handicap Chase3m 4fKILBREE KID12K (3)PADDY BRENNAN7-15/8
26 Mar 20163:10 Haydock Handicap Chase3mNO DUFFER49K (2)PADDY BRENNAN11-21/13
24 Mar 20164:15 Ludlow Handicap Chase2mNOCHE DE REYES19K (3)PADDY BRENNAN9-21/7
24 Mar 20163:05 Ludlow Novice Handicap Chase2mSTORMING STRUMPET11K (4)PADDY BRENNAN9-23/7
21 Mar 20163:50 Southwell Maiden Hurdle2m 4fBEHIND THE WIRE5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN11-44/7
21 Mar 20163:20 Southwell Maiden Hurdle2m 4fSOME ARE LUCKY5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN2-11/10
19 Mar 20164:45 Uttoxeter Handicap Chase2m 4fVALSEUR DU GRANVAL9K (4)SEAN BOWEN9-13/11
19 Mar 20163:50 Kempton Handicap Chase2m 4fCERNUNNOS39K (2)BARRY GERAGHTY11-22/13
19 Mar 20162:40 Kempton Novice Handicap Chase2mALWAYS ON THE RUN12K (3)PADDY BRENNAN11-41/7
17 Mar 20165:30 Cheltenham Amateur Handicap Chase3m 2fA GOOD SKIN62K (2)MR M LEGG14-12/22
16 Mar 20163:30 Cheltenham Chase2mGOD'S OWN250K (1)PADDY BRENNAN20-14/10
16 Mar 20162:25 Bangor Handicap Hurdle2m 4fDEFINITELY BETTER5K (4)JAMIE BARGARY2-12/9
15 Mar 20165:30 Cheltenham Novice Handicap Chase2m 4fDOUBLE SHUFFLE63K (1)PADDY BRENNAN8-13/20
15 Mar 20162:50 Cheltenham Handicap Chase3m 1fO MAONLAI98K (1)TOM O'BRIEN40-112/23
14 Mar 20165:25 Taunton NH Flat2mFIT THE BRIEF2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN6-12/14
11 Mar 20165:25 Ayr Amateur Handicap Hurdle3m 2fWILD WEST WIND5K (4)MR N GEORGE11-102/4
11 Mar 20164:15 Ayr Handicap Chase2m 4fBALLINVARRIG10K (3)PADDY BRENNAN6-52/4
11 Mar 20162:00 Ayr Maiden Hurdle2m 5fMINELLA ARIS3K (5)PADDY BRENNAN3-103/4
7 Mar 20164:30 Southwell Handicap Hurdle2mDEFINITELY BETTER4K (5)PADDY BRENNAN15-81/6
6 Mar 20164:30 Huntingdon Maiden Hurdle2m 4fSONG SAA4K (4)PADDY BRENNAN1-11/4
5 Mar 20164:35 Newbury Novice Handicap Chase2m 2fFLORIDA CALLING10K (3)PADDY BRENNAN7-2P/8
5 Mar 20164:05 Stratford Handicap Hurdle2m 6fMOSS ON THE MILL9K (4)CIARAN GETHINGS7-21/6
5 Mar 20162:50 Newbury Handicap Hurdle2mBABY KING19K (3)PADDY BRENNAN12-14/11
5 Mar 20161:45 Newbury Handicap Hurdle2m 5fOLOFI19K (3)PADDY BRENNAN9-24/9
4 Mar 20163:25 Newbury Handicap Chase2mNOCHE DE REYES9K (3)PADDY BRENNAN10-16/10
3 Mar 20163:40 Ludlow Handicap Chase3mKILBREE KID19K (3)JAMIE BARGARY20-1P/9
2 Mar 20163:20 Wincanton Hunter Chase2m 4fBIG FELLA THANKS1K (6)MR N GEORGE15-82/8
28 Feb 20165:10 Southwell NH Flat2mSTAMP YOUR FEET2K (5)PADDY BRENNAN9-23/12
27 Feb 20164:45 Kempton Handicap Chase2m 4fCERNUNNOS9K (3)BARRY GERAGHTY4-12/11
27 Feb 20164:35 Newcastle Handicap Chase2m 4fMAJALA14K (3)CHARLIE DEUTSCH20-16/9
27 Feb 20163:35 Kempton Handicap Chase3mROC D'APSIS98K (1)RICHARD JOHNSON16-13/15
27 Feb 20163:25 Newcastle Novice Hurdle2m 6fBUN DORAN9K (3)DAVY RUSSELL11-105/5
26 Feb 20164:15 Warwick Handicap Chase3mNO DUFFER9K (3)PADDY BRENNAN7-12/11
24 Feb 20163:30 Doncaster Handicap Chase3mSAINT ARE29K (2)PADDY BRENNAN10-11/10
24 Feb 20162:00 Doncaster Novice Hurdle2m 1fKK LEXION5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN25-16/15
23 Feb 20163:05 Taunton Novice Handicap Chase2mSTORMING STRUMPET7K (4)PADDY BRENNAN8-1F/6
23 Feb 20163:05 Taunton Novice Handicap Chase2mVALSEUR DU GRANVAL7K (4)SEAN BOWEN10-13/6
17 Feb 20165:05 Musselburgh NH Flat2mBOYHOOD2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN9-41/5
17 Feb 20164:35 Musselburgh Hunter Chase2m 4fCOEUR DE FOU1K (6)MR N GEORGE5-13/10
17 Feb 20163:25 Musselburgh Handicap Hurdle2m 3fDEFINITELY BETTER4K (4)PADDY BRENNAN13-24/12
17 Feb 20162:15 Musselburgh Maiden Hurdle2m 3fSOME ARE LUCKY4K (5)PADDY BRENNAN2-12/8
13 Feb 20163:35 Newbury Handicap Hurdle2mBABY KING152K (1)PADDY BRENNAN25-114/22
12 Feb 20164:25 Kempton NH Flat2mBIGPIPENOTOBACEE3K (5)PADDY BRENNAN7-19/15
12 Feb 20163:50 Kempton Handicap Chase3mKILBREE KID9K (3)JAMIE BARGARY33-18/10
12 Feb 20163:50 Kempton Handicap Chase3mA GOOD SKIN9K (3)PADDY BRENNAN9-22/10
12 Feb 20163:15 Kempton Chase2m 4fGOD'S OWN19K (2)PADDY BRENNAN2-12/4
12 Feb 20162:05 Kempton Novice Handicap Chase2mALWAYS ON THE RUN5K (3)PADDY BRENNAN7-21/11
11 Feb 20164:50 Huntingdon NH Flat2mSONG SAA2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN13-22/11
11 Feb 20164:15 Huntingdon NH Flat2mFIT THE BRIEF2K (6)PADDY BRENNAN12-16/11
8 Feb 20163:50 Fakenham Handicap Chase2mON THE CASE5K (5)PADDY BRENNAN11-4P/6
8 Feb 20162:20 Fakenham Novice Hurdle2mDEXCITE6K (4)PADDY BRENNAN5-4P/5
6 Feb 20163:55 Wetherby Hunter Chase3mBIG FELLA THANKS1K (6)MR N GEORGE7-22/7
5 Feb 20162:45 Chepstow Novice Hurdle3mWILD WEST WIND5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN9-41/10
4 Feb 20163:40 Wincanton Handicap Chase2m 4fMAJALA21K (3)SEAN BOWEN50-18/10
3 Feb 20164:10 Leicester Handicap Chase2m 4fCERNUNNOS6K (4)BARRY GERAGHTY7-21/5
30 Jan 20164:10 Cheltenham Handicap Hurdle2m 1fOLOFI24K (2)JAMIE BARGARY7-16/9
30 Jan 20161:30 Doncaster Handicap Chase2mSIR VALENTINO49K (2)PADDY BRENNAN8-15/10
29 Jan 20163:40 Doncaster Maiden Hurdle2m 4fKK LEXION5K (5)JAMIE BARGARY33-18/21
29 Jan 20163:40 Doncaster Maiden Hurdle2m 4fBEHIND THE WIRE5K (5)PADDY BRENNAN10-19/21
25 Jan 20163:45 Kempton Handicap Chase2m 4fROC D'APSIS18K (2)PADDY BRENNAN14-11/9
23 Jan 20164:20 Haydock Novice Hurdle2m 3fBUN DORAN5K (4)PADDY BRENNAN9-41/9
21 Jan 20163:20 Wincanton Handicap Hurdle1m 7fBABY KING9K (3)PADDY BRENNAN9-23/12
21 Jan 20162:10 Wincanton Handicap Chase2m 4fBALLINVARRIG12K (3)PADDY BRENNAN7-13/9
20 Jan 20163:30 Musselburgh Handicap Chase2m 4fON THE CASE4K (4)JAMIE BARGARY4-1F/8
20 Jan 20162:20 Musselburgh Novice Hurdle2mSTORMING STRUMPET4K (4)JAMIE BARGARY11-81/12
20 Jan 20161:45 Musselburgh Handicap Hurdle2m 3fDEFINITELY BETTER4K (4)JAMIE BARGARY5-13/13
16 Jan 20162:05 Wetherby Handicap Chase1m 7fSIR VALENTINO18K (2)DARYL JACOB9-22/6
12 Jan 20162:30 Ludlow Maiden Hurdle2m 5fBATTLE OF SHILOH3K (5)WAYNE HUTCHINSON9-41/13
6 Jan 20163:40 Huntingdon Novice Handicap Hurdle3m 1fDANDY DUKE3K (5)PADDY BRENNAN11-41/7
1 Jan 20162:15 Catterick Novice Hurdle3m 1fWILD WEST WIND7K (4)LIAM TREADWELL9-23/7
1 Jan 20161:55 Cheltenham Handicap Chase2m 5fA GOOD SKIN59K (1)PADDY BRENNAN6-19/11