National Hunt Racing Trainer Form - Folkestone - Last 10 Years
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Trainer Runners Wins Win Strike Rate Win %Return at SP Win %Return at Estimated Betfair Odds Placed (inc wins) Place Strike Rate Each-Way %Return at SP
GARY MOORE 50816.0%112.1%119.4%2040.0%104.6%-
JONJO O'NEILL 41922.0%93.6%146.3%1536.6%79.0%-
RICHARD ROWE 37410.8%41.1%46.3%924.3%56.2%-
ANNA NEWTON-SMITH 34411.8%57.4%64.2%1132.4%68.1%-
CHRIS GORDON 30310.0%38.6%42.1%826.7%69.6%-
ZOE DAVISON 3013.3%20.0%20.0%826.7%96.2%-
NEIL KING 27414.8%175.9%261.7%829.6%143.5%-
LINDA JEWELL 2600.0%0.0%0.0%415.4%25.4%-
WARREN GREATREX 24833.3%112.2%120.3%1458.3%107.3%-
VENETIA WILLIAMS 24312.5%32.3%35.2%625.0%34.9%-
ROGER CURTIS 24312.5%57.3%60.7%416.7%47.2%-
TIM VAUGHAN 23626.1%73.7%84.4%1043.5%69.6%-
OLIVER SHERWOOD 23417.4%149.3%197.4%834.8%116.7%-
SEAMUS MULLINS 23313.0%42.0%44.8%730.4%58.6%-
JIM BEST 21419.0%69.6%76.5%838.1%69.9%-
NIGEL TWISTON-DAVIES 21419.0%53.6%55.9%628.6%54.9%-
DIANA GRISSELL 21314.3%240.2%375.8%628.6%176.1%-
EMMA LAVELLE 2129.5%20.2%21.1%419.0%23.9%-

In the %Return boxes above, a return of 100% indicates breaking even. A return of 93% would indicate an average loss of £7 for every £100 staked.