London Marathon 2005   


I completed the London Marathon on 17th April. My time was 3:19:13. My position was 2,812th (out of around 34,000).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who sponsored me for the marathon. The total is over £15,000. I'm sure the money will be put to good use. Click here for details.

This is my 'photo diary' of the event. If you click on the small images on this page, a larger image will appear.

I arrive at Blackheath about 90 minutes before start time. The first job is to find the correct start. There are 3 starts, red, blue and green.

This is the Green Start before the runners line up. The Green Start is the one used by most of the celebrities, so I decide to do a bit of celebrity spotting.

Nell McAndrew.

One of the Cheeky Girls.

Sir Steven Redgrave.

Lorraine Kelly.

The first few miles of the race are always a bit difficult. In theory, the start is organised with slower runners at the back so that they do not impede faster runners. In practice, it is always necessary to dodge and weave a bit early on. After about 1/2 a mile, I passed a man in a full bee-keeping outfit.

This about 3 miles into the race. We are in Woolwich. The 3 different starts have merged together by this point. It is actually quite difficult to take photographs early in the race because the runners fill the road. I stood behind a bollard to take this one.

This is the 5 mile point in Charlton. There are mile markers and clocks every mile.

We are passing the Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

Approaching Cutty Sark in Greenwich. There are always large crowds on this section. This year the seems to be much larger crowds than normal - probably due to the pleasant weather.

About this time, I am passed by a man dressed as superman, a woman dressed as a bunny girl and a man dressed as a fairy. I take this as a sign that I am going too slowly. So, I decide to concentrate on the running rather than the photography until Tower Bridge.

This is the approach to Tower Bridge. We are now about 12 miles into the race. I still haven't managed to get ahead of the man dressed as a fairy.

This is the exit from Tower Bridge. This is another part of the course which always has huge crowds of spectators.

We are now past half way at Limehouse. In the distance is the Canary Wharf Tower.

We are now winding around Docklands. I always aim to get to the 18 mile point in 2 hours, so I am behind schedule. In fact, I continue to slow down after this point and even walk for some of the last 5 miles.

A Military Band play for the runners and spectators. There is a lot of music around the course. Many pubs set up outside discos. The favourite track is Keep on Running by the Spencer Davies Group which I hear over and over around the course.

We are still in Docklands. The Millennium Dome is in the background.

This is about the 21 mile point. We are heading back towards the centre of London. The runners on the left hand side of the road are at about the 14 mile point, heading out towards Docklands.

In the background is the Tower of London. The route has been changed here, compared to previous years. We used to run closer to the Tower, along a cobbled section.

This is James Cracknell (Olympic rower) giving out drinks at about the 24 mile point. He was supposed to be running, but he was injured (note the crutches).

England rugby hero Jonny Wilkinson also lending a hand.

Running along the Embankment with the London Eye in the background.

We are now only a mile or so away from the finish approaching the Houses of Parliament.

Buckingham Palace.

The finish line.

Beyond the finishing line.

These are some of the official photos. The first two are at Tower Bridge (12 miles) and the second two are on the Embankment (24 miles).

Other finishers :

Tony Audenshaw (Actor on Emmerdale)  1,326th in 3:03:07

Michel Roux (Chef)  2,701th in 3:18:00

Greg Searle (Olympic rower)  3,540th in 3:25:13

Gordon Ramsay (Chef)  5,679th in 3:38:48

Sir Steven Redgrave (Olympic rower)  14,965th in 4:21:36

The Cheeky Girls (Singers)  18,655/18,656th in 4:34:20

Adrian Chiles (BBC MOTD2 presenter)  18,284th in 4:33:56

Richard Caborn (Minister of Sport)  22,568th in 4:51:31

Tony Cottee (ex-England footballer)  28,731st in 5:18:28

Luther Blissett (ex-England footballer)  30,741st in 5:47:03

Digby Jones (Director General of the CBI)  31,586th in 5:58:26

Steve Rider (BBC Grandstand presenter)  32,160th in 6:08:00

Lorraine Kelly (Breakfast TV Presenter)  33,101st in 6:35:22

I was raising money for St Andrew's Hospice in Grimsby (registered charity no.1011117).

St Andrew's Hospice exists to care for patients (both adults and children) living in Lincolnshire who have a life threatening illness. It also provides support and friendship to those who care for them. The Hospice is funded mainly by charitable donations.

Some information about St Andrew's Hospice