London Marathon 2007   


I completed my 6th successive London Marathon on 22nd April. My time was 3:22:20. My position was 2,455th (out of around 35,000).

Firstly, I would like to thank all of my sponsors. The sponsorship total is over £29,000 which is quite amazing.

The weather was unusually warm for April, with temperatures reaching 23°C. This made the running difficult, but was good for the spectators. I was quite pleased with my time, given the weather and my lack of training/fitness.

This is my 'photo/video diary' of the event. Hopefully, it will give an indication of what it is like to take part in an event like this. If you click on the images on this page, a larger image will appear.

There are 3 separate start lines, with the runners joining together after a few miles. This is the Blue Start where the elite athletes start from. Once again, I am starting from the Green Start which is much smaller.

This is me about 45 minutes before start time. If you wear your name on your shirt, people in the crowd will shout encouragement to you around the route.

The Green Start is where the celebrities assemble. This is Matt Dawson, England Rugby Player and Strictly Come Dancing participant.

Mark Bright, footballer and TV presenter.

Chris Chittell, Emmerdale Actor.

Gordon Ramsay and Sally Gunnell.

Sue Barker presenting the BBC coverage of the event.

The queues for the toilets can get quite long.

All sorts of fancy dress are around. I like the idea of running a marathon as a chain-gang.

These are the leaders from the Green Start.

A few minutes later, I come past, camera in hand.

This year, instead of taking photographs round the route, I set the camera on movie mode and filmed while I ran. As you might expect, the camera-work is a bit jerky, but the sound gives a good impression of the atmosphere of the race.

I have split the movie into 3 parts of about 2 minutes each. Click on the links below to view. Be patient, it may take a long time to download the movie files.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

After the finish in Trafalgar Square.

This is me at various places around the course.

Other runners :

Tony Audenshaw (Actor - Emmerdale)  2,004th in 3:15:04

Michel Roux (Chef)  3,939th in 3:31:39

Tony Gardner (Actor)  4,677th in 3:36:52

Sally Gunnell (Olympic Athlete)  7,081st in 3:50:40

Jeff Hordley (Actor - Emmerdale)  8,641st in 3:57:38

Adam Ramsden (Radio 1 DJ)  11,904th in 4:13:15

Evan Davis (TV Presenter)  12,866th in 4:17:12

Gordon Ramsay (Chef and TV Personality)  13,661st in 4:20:11

James Crossley (Hunter from Gladiators)  14,678 in 4:24:22

Michelle Dewburry (Winner of The Apprentice, 2nd series)  16,883th in 4:33:20

Matt Dawson (Rugby Player and TV Personality)  17,447th in 4:35:39

Tim Ewart (TV News Reporter)  19,883th in 4:45:10

Chris Chittell (Actor - Emmerdale)  20,448th in 4:47:39

Sarah Price (International Swimmer)  20,763rd in 4:48:58

Julian Bennet (TV Presenter - Queer Eye for the Straight Guy)  21,464th in 4:51:53

Mark Bright (TV Sports Presenter and ex-footballer)  22,337th in 4:55:17

Gary Webster (Actor)  23,510th in 5:00:01

Michael Garner (Actor)  25,664th in 5:11:00

Kellie Shirley (Actress - Eastenders)  27,641st in 5:21:15

Nell McAndrew (Model)  30,011st in 5:35:43

Ben Thapa (Singer - G4)  30,278th in 5:37:52

Adam Hollioake (Cricketer)  34,930th in 6:50:16

Kara Tointon (Actress - Eastenders)  35,398th in 7:21:59

Dee Caffari (Round-the-world Yachtswoman)  35,415th in 7:23:59

I was raising money for St Andrew's Hospice in Grimsby (registered charity no.1011117).

St Andrew's Hospice exists to care for patients (both adults and children) living in Lincolnshire who have a life threatening illness. It also provides support and friendship to those who care for them. The Hospice is funded mainly by charitable donations.

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